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Otway 300 day 1 - 2 fine roosters

  • 174.8km
  • 3,705m
  • 9:58:55
    Moving Time
  • 7,105


  1. Maverick (.

    Yeah nice work. Solid.

  2. Sam Jeffries

    Yep, that'll do it! Well ridden mate.

  3. Maverick (.

    Hello cycling god Sammy! Sorry couldn't help myself I am in official awe of you! So many great FB posts! They all agree ! What they said!!

  4. Dave Edwards

    Cheers squad, that was a rad, rad day out

  5. Richard S.

    Huge Day Dave!!! Well done! Any or many CX bikes?

  6. Justin L.

    Inspiring ride!!

  7. Crispy Chap ☁

    Oh man. So much fun had by the looks.

  8. Dave Edwards

    Richard Stevens ☁️ Yeah there were a few. Today was the day for it, mostly gravel roads and double track

  9. Richard S.

    Sounds sweet Dave Edwards .look forward to seeing how you go tomorrow!

  10. Steven Klaebe

    Strewth that looks just the worst

  11. Dave Edwards


  12. Phil Millham

    Dave Edwards my bike is dirtier than yours! 😄😉