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Audax UK permanent ride – "Cambridge East Anglian Tour" (300km) [widdershins]

  • 323.1km
  • 1,746m
  • 14:54:50
    Moving Time
  • 5,531
  • 395
    Suffer Score


  1. Carl K.
    Carl K.

    That's a good ride, not too windy across the fens?

  2. Alex B.
    Alex B.

    @Carl across the Fens the wind was (largely) in our favour, making for a fast start. Sadly, we paid later as after Norwich the headwind was bothersome

  3. Carl K.
    Carl K.

    Ah, you rode it in reverse, very wise.

  4. Ricki G.
    Ricki Goode

    Excellent ride report Alex. Phil's Facebook post also prompted me to ride this, albeit a week or so earlier. A lovely route, though I rode it anticlockwise. I'll always prefer a flat finish whatever the wind is doing.

  5. Alex B.
    Alex B.

    @Ricki - I feel I need to do it anticlockwise some time, to experience the course as intended - but part of me thinks the Fens are best seen at night ;-)

  6. Ricki G.
    Ricki Goode

    We'll have to disagree on that Alex, I love the Fens, scenery as far as the eye can see. Besides, more scenic scenery at night you can always see (if only with your legs). I guess It's based on where we're based :-)