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The Dragon

  • 44.6km
  • 1,591m
  • 8:16:24
    Moving Time
  • 11:07/km
    Avg Pace
  • 4,488


  1. Richard C.
    Richard C.

    Amazing! Would have joined you had I known!

  2. James B.
  3. Keri J.
    Keri J.

    Is this one of those dragons that fools about in April ? If not then seriously impressed 🤗👍

  4. Martyn D.
    Martyn Driscoll

    All 100% legit, was an epic outing, thanks Alan!

  5. Keri J.
    Keri J.

    WOW 🤗🤗🤗🤗

  6. Mark B.
    Mark B.

    You have WAY too much time on your hands! Brilliant though.

  7. Chris G.
    Chris Gildersleve

    OMG!. Seriously impressed (by your artistry)

  8. Haydn G.
    Haydn Griffiths

    Very impressed,excuse accepted on this occasion!

  9. Gwenno J.
  10. Julian B.
    Julian B.

    V impressive

  11. Jan N.
    Jan Nyeki

    This is Awesome!!!:):).... well done!;). Red the write up on runnersworld!... good show!

  12. Jose C.
    Jose Cayupan Oliva


  13. Jennifer G.
    Jennifer G.

    Da iawn!

  14. Dùmar Hàldayr G.
  15. Justin L.
    Justin Landmark

    That is amazing! Excellent job!!!

  16. Michael M.
    Michael Morel

    inspirational, need to do something like this here in canada.

  17. Tom D.
    Tom Day

    You should make it into a segment!

  18. Masahiro Ogura 小.
  19. Petrônio V.
    Petrônio Veiga


  20. Silvano B.
    Silvano B.

    Muy bien

  21. Flávio J.
    Flávio Júnior


  22. Kent M.
    Kent M

    Totally epic mate!

  23. Semeer K.
    Semeer Keshav

    Truly amazing ride 👊✅👏👏👏

  24. Ioana C.
    Ioana Chiorean

    Really nice!

  25. R C.
    R C.

    Was this run thru fields?

  26. Lars K.
    Lars Kudsk

    How did you do it?

  27. Spencer H.
    Spencer Harding

    Surely that's a PB! 👍

  28. Spencer H.
    Spencer Harding

    Ps. What app did you use to follow?

  29. Mathieu R.
    Mathieu ROHÉ

    Juste génial

  30. David H.
    David Hill

    Thats an achievement, great work

  31. Tobias M.
    Tobias Mews

    Simply brilliant! Huge congratulations. One of the best I've seen.

  32. Kev W.
    Kev W.

    Had to look you up as it's on my doorstep impressive stuff guys as I'm up there regular and is very remote in places bogs of doom everywhere 👏👏👏

  33. Evgeniy D.
    Evgeniy D.


  34. Brian R.
    Brian R.


  35. Alan S.
    Alan S.

    I used memory map. Printed the outline of the Graf on onto a transparency and the laid it onto the computer screen. Then all I had to do was join the dots and upload it to my GPs device and follow it!!

  36. Adalberto C.
    Adalberto Chrispim


  37. Gabriel M.
    Gabriel M.

    Wow congratulations

  38. Warren S.
    Warren Sergent

    Brilliant effort gents!

  39. Lelo A.
    LELO Alecsandro

    Belo desenho e ótimo treino, parabéns

  40. Carlos A C.
    Carlos A Cely A

    William Morales Diego Pedraza David Alberto Escobar

  41. Strava Hardloop Club D.
    Strava Hardloop Club D.

    Jordy Kloet check out this run!

  42. Mark N.
    Mark Nankervis


  43. Mathew R.
    Mathew Rees

    That's awesome I'm a wee jealous

  44. W. Huw D.
    W. Huw Davies

    A grest effort - looks fantastic. Next time though please chooss a different date 😉

  45. Jeff H.
    Jeff Hembury

    Huw Edwards check this out!

  46. Huw E.
    Huw Edwards

    Jeff Hembury A.mazing. Gwych! Arbennig! Draig Cymru!!!

  47. Barry B.
    Barry Bryant

    Awesome! Hat off to you! 👍👍🏃‍♂️

  48. Germ G.
    Germ Germain

    Victor Nea

  49. Victor N.
    Victor N.

    Germ Germain Merci ! C'est tellement beau :O

  50. Huw E.
    Huw Edwards

    Richard Edwards this is awesome