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Rock n Roll Raleigh Marathon

  • 26.2mi
  • 1,143ft
  • 2:53:33
    Moving Time
  • 6:37/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 3,747


  1. Ariana B.
    Ariana Bevilacqua

    um hey nice PR <3

  2. Jay S.
    Jay S.

    Boom! Great job. I'm really happy for you. It's awesome seeing you run well.

  3. Andrew M.
    Andrew M.

    Wow! Killing it lately! Probably felt better than last year I bet 😜

  4. Krysta G.
    Krysta G.

    Awesome!! Splits make this look like it was a piece of cake. Amazing!

  5. Brian W.
    Brian W.

    Good gosh - nice work, Mark!!!

  6. Johnny L.
    Johnny L.

    Hell yes!

  7. George F.
    George F.

    That was a tough course. Blazing pace!

  8. Jase T.
    Jase Tischer

    impressive run!

  9. Mark M.
    Mark Manz

    Andrew... I couldn't possibly have felt much worse!

  10. Mark M.
    Mark Manz

    Thanks y'all!
    Jay... it was easy when I only had to run 1/4 what you did this weekend!
    Krysta... I would LOVE some cake. Sadly, no cake at the aid stations :(
    Johnny... you're turn buddy ;)