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OLH "World Championships" (aka "PR Quest") - Round 2

  • 29.2mi
  • 3,217ft
  • 1:55:20
    Moving Time
  • 1,229
  • 93
    Relative Effort


  1. Ronald Brunner

    Dang Clark.. Sub 16.. Super kudos to you. Are you sure your name really isn't "Clark Kent" ..... Starting to wonder

  2. Tim C.

    I knew you'd PR (as you are climbing very well bud) - but it SUX that Strava ain't willing to give you your sub-16 !!!

  3. Clark Foy

    Thanks, Ron and Tim. It's maddening! I guess we'll just have to get out there and hit it again...

  4. Leafy J.

    Natty Dread rides again. congrats on a super fast time and a huge effort. 16 minutes is flying...I'm now outside of the 200% rule.

  5. Brian Lucido

    Clark - Nice Job! Tim gave me the DL on your magnificent ride today. You're on fire!