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11/02/2013 San Juan Bautista, CA

  • 43.9mi
  • 5,505ft
  • 4:11:13
    Moving Time


  1. Isabelle Magnin

    Way to go Lisa, you are 4th on the longest segment of FP, the one I somehow and have no clue how got the QOM for. Felicitations. We are getting better and stronger, those results prove it, we are among the top women (on Strava of course, there are tons of super strong female cyclists who don't use Strava so we don't know about them), but we can be proud anyhow.

  2. Isabelle Magnin

    You should complain to Strava, it shaved 500 feet of climbing from the ride on your data, very unfair, especially when we work hard for those feet!

  3. Tony Rall

    Amazing, Lisa & Isabelle. Very well done.

    Just the 2 of you on this one? And starting at 8am (it seemed like it was freezing up in Boulder Crk at 9)?