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200 on 100

  • 209.7mi
  • 10,488ft
  • 9:54:26
    Moving Time
  • 5,762
  • 341
    Relative Effort


  1. Ben King

    What is wrong with you?!

  2. Enric C.

    34km/h, Riding alone?????

  3. Ted King

    2 partners in adventures: Tim Johnson and Ryan Kelly. Scope their files on Strava soon.

    @Ben, you inspired me (well sort of), with your massive 7 hour ride with Taylor a few weeks back. I'm just making up for lost time.

  4. Ben King

    We both have some screws loose. We should do something retarded like RAAM together.

  5. Moacir (Léo) Tessarini

    As we´re use to say here in Brazil: "Puta que pariu!!!". Amazing... Congratulations !

  6. Ted King

    Sillier things have happened in life, @Ben. I don't necessarily know what they are, but with a (stupid iron headed) will, there's a way.

    RAAM? Sure, why not.

  7. Michael Webster

    Ugh, a 1+ mile long cat4 climb with sections at 10% + gradients, after 200 miles already?? that had to hurt...

  8. Matt Adams

    Damn, that's a ride. I am most definitely not Ted King.

  9. Jay Riley

    Ha, excellent ride... good way to get ahead on those base miles!

  10. Shane Barnes

    Great to see that even the pros are up for double century distance! Amazing average speed as well, hell my best double thus far has been 16.9 mph, albeit with 16,000 of climbing, but much slower nonetheless! Way to go Ted!

  11. Ishmael Muscat

    Hats off! And I thought riding 200km on my own was a feat. Did you have a tailwind, crosswinds or a headwind?

  12. Ben Hemani

    Obviously the average speed is misleading...he was descending South the whole time.

  13. Nicholas Wilson

    though "extreme", somehow a decidedly "not-epic" ride according the the newfangled strava suffer score. which raises the question: what the hell sort of s**t is epic??? average speed of 50 mph uphill in extra secret gravity?

  14. Greg P.

    and I thought my solo ride was impressive - http://app.strava.com/rides/1383337. Wow guys...wow. That's just crazy fast.

  15. Oleg ★ Descenders

    Enjoyed reading about it in Bicycling.

  16. Johnatan W.

    Ted- I have watched 'The fall of Ryan T Kelly' about 20 times now on Vimeo- just makes me smile every time. Good on you for connecting with cycling fans and amateurs! Good luck in your 2012 season. Dumptruck of Awesome!

  17. Alex A.

    wowwww. i like this...

  18. Steve W.

    Crikey almighty me what an incredibly awesome ride, hats off mate