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Rock the Parkway half marathon. 4th overall.

  • 13.1mi
  • 1:14:27
    Moving Time
  • 5:41/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 1,821


  1. Ben Hudson

    Nice race!

  2. Kevin Denny

    Thanks Ben Hudson. Second half was miserable. Straight into a 15 mph wind with gust 25+. Can't complain though. First ever half with no swim or bike before it.

  3. Corey Robinson

    So much for not racing lol

  4. Kevin Denny

    Corey Robinson haha true. Foot hasn't hurt and it didn't hurt during or after the race either. I made a gut call yesterday on if I was racing or not.

  5. Gregory Grosicki

    The fact that you can run a 1:14 on little to no run training is ridiculous. Congrats Kevin!

  6. Kevin Denny

    Gregory Grosicki thanks!! The 2.5 (occasionally 3) miles off the bike in sub 6 min pace really work for me. And recent run mileage is lower than "normal" (which is typically in the 20s per week) because of ankle/Achilles issue I had after my 10k two weeks ago.

  7. John A.

    NICE! Congrats dude, glad things were clicking!

  8. Ryan R.

    Damn fast!

  9. Kevin Denny

    Thank you Ryan Richardson Big Sexy Racing . Saw you had a big PR at 70.3 Texas last weekend! Great job. Racing KC Triathlon or what is next for you?

  10. Mike Kidder

    Well done. Good to see you beat that guy running with you around the park to take 4th!

  11. john alewine

    Nice running kd!

  12. Ryan R.

    Kevin Denny Thanks! Yep, gonna give KC Tri another go! I was "clipping chips" at Rock the Parkway, I should've introduced myself!

  13. Kevin Denny

    Ryan Richardson Big Sexy Racing I'll see you at KC Triathlon. And yes you should have!

  14. Ryan R.

    🙌🏻 See ya there!