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A glorious early evening ride

  • 31.4km
  • 269m
  • 1:23:19
    Moving Time
  • 747
  • 61
    Suffer Score


  1. Neil P.
    Neil P.

    Hope you're well - tt season has started again so I'll let you know how I'm doing- trying to follow your advice to spin the legs faster but not finding it easy

  2. Nicky D.
    Nicky D.

    Hi Neil, I'm just getting back into it - trying not to do too much too soon. Tip... small chainring only rides and don't let your cadence drop below a 90 rpm average. Good luck - I've been following the events from afar - and hi to all at Canon S. N

  3. Neil P.
    Neil P.

    Thanks for the advice- tt on Saturday to see how I'm going- just got some tri bars but can't get them set up right yet but I'll keep trying

  4. Nicky D.
    Nicky D.

    I really recommend www.cyclefit.co.uk. They are Newton Street in the Northern Quarter. Not cheap but superbly effective. The best thing I ever did.

  5. Nicky D.
    Nicky D.

    The Bicycle Lounge in Ormskirk are great too.

  6. Neil P.
    Neil P.

    Thanks for that - I have had a mate look at me on a turbo - thought I was a bit low rather than having the bars in the wrong place and I have to keep my hips tilted back more - I'll see whether that works on Saturday- fingers crossed re weather but forecast is 18mph winds so may not be the best of tests- pushed around a windy 28 this morning and seemed to be going well and then went for a massage and I definitely need to stretch more