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SDW50 in 9:18. It did not go to plan

Run April 8, 2017
  • 79.7km
  • 1,906m
  • 8:58:41
    Moving Time
  • 7:00/km
    Avg Pace
  • 7,479
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  1. Luigi Fumero

    Thank you Tim Young for patiently waiting for me in the last very long 10k

  2. Tim Young

    No problem pal, see you at the NDW50 in 5 weeks time!

  3. Marco R.

    It doesn't matter Luigi, you've been an hero in spite of difficulties. Bravo !

  4. Kath Capdevila Ⓥ

    I agree with Marco :) Awesome run!

  5. Mathias C.

    Luigi, I bet there was a lot of runners who would have liked to have a bad race in that time. Fingers crossed for NWD.

  6. Mathias C.

    Luigi, do you know how long it takes for the results to be published online?

  7. Luigi Fumero

    Hi Mathias, thanks for your comments. And well done for your run. The results are visible by clicking on the LIVE button on the top left hand side. They should leave them there until the official ones are released

  8. Mathias C.

    Cheers for the pointer. I have clearly left my brain somewhere on the trail 😄

  9. Luca T.