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Snowy finish on Baw Baw for second place. Time for masters B. Cheers to Mark for crewing!

  • 102.4km
  • 2,582m
  • 4:06:42
    Moving Time
  • 2,639


  1. Tim B.
    Tim B.

    Excellent work

  2. Nick H.
    Nick H.

    Thanks Tim, fun out there but cold.

  3. Andrew K.
    Andrew K.

    Great stuff Nick. Well deserved jump up to B

  4. Ben W.
    Ben W.

    Tough day out in those conditions! Well done.

  5. Matthew G.
    Matthew G.

    Wow amazing work, well done

  6. Nick H.
    Nick H.

    Thanks guys! Pretty nippy with snow. Time for B! :)

  7. Will G.
    Will G.

    Awesome effort Nick! Well done on second and especially since you have never ridden that course before!

  8. Nick H.
    Nick H.

    Thanks Will! Awesome day out! Good ride especially after your chain breakage!

  9. Joe S.
    joe spano

    Great riding Nick - great form for training efforts

  10. Lachlan S.
    Lachlan S.

    Top ride mate. Tough conditions... Glad I wasn't out there

  11. Nick H.
    Nick H.

    Cheers Joe felt good but the winner was next level, his first race apparently! Thanks Lachlan, pretty wet and cold, the snow was an amazing finish to a great race!

  12. Dan R.
    Dan Ridgway

    Top effort nick, well done. 11-32 casette or 11-28?

  13. Nick E.
    Nick E.

    Well done nick, solid climbing and well deserving of a promo! Far too strong out there!

  14. Nick H.
    Nick H.

    Thanks Dan - 12-27. Cheers Nick - great climbing yourself!

  15. Matt D.
    Matt D.

    You're amazing.

  16. Nick H.
    Nick H.

    Thanks Matt!