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Cat Simpson

London, United Kingdom
  • 213
  • 1,965.2
    miles Run
  • 1948

Zurich marathon - PB! (3:06) Had a little cry on the home straight

Run April 9, 2017
  • 26.6mi
  • 3:06:12
    Moving Time
  • 6:59/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 2,704
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  1. John Clarke

    Amazing Cat!!

  2. Martin H.

    Congrats Cat! Enjoy the celebrations!

  3. Kate Carter

    Brilliant well done!!!

  4. Kate Carter

    Ps championship start next year in London!

  5. Lauren R.

    Woo! Congrats Cat 🍻

  6. Christopher C

    Absolutely outstanding

  7. Charlotte H.

    Bloody brilliant!

  8. Steve M.

    That is a brilliant time, congratulations!

  9. Ben Goddard

    Brilliant Cat #poweredbycowbell

  10. Zena P.

    WOW!!!! Well done you!! Super stuff! xx

  11. Jon Fielden

    Fantastic! Superb going. :-)

  12. Alex C.

    Wow, what a fantastic run. So chuffed for you.

  13. Claire Pepper

    You superstar! Amazing time!

  14. Clive S.

    Nice work.

  15. Edwina S.

    Love the crying in the last part. I totally get that emotion! Well well done! Xxx

  16. Matt Garner

    That's phenomenal! Well done!

  17. Debbie Martin-Consani

    Out of the park!!! Well done xx

  18. Gareth Mills

    Wow, amazing, nice work Cat. 👍

  19. Bob Empson

    Cat! That is, and you are, AMAZING!! 😊😊

  20. Nicolas Wuethrich

    Epic Cat! Well done and welcome to Zurich! Hope you had a good time here!

  21. James Coleman

    That is absolutely stunning. And I always choke up on the home straight....

  22. Simon Walkden

    Fantastic, Cat! 👏👏👏

  23. Francis Graham-Dixon

    Fantastic time. Well done, Cat!

  24. John D.

    Brilliant time, Cat - really well done! Not surprised given your fantastic training performances, but you still had to do it on the day!

  25. Dudley Desborough

    Great job Cat - congrats

  26. Noel Stoddart

    Well done!

  27. Papiya D.

    Absolutely amazing time, Cat 😀

  28. Conrad W.

    Bloody Nora, Cat!

  29. Emily Plummer (Huxtable)

    Woweee that was rapid! Well done 😄

  30. Sarah Sawyer

    Amazing time Cat but totally what you deserve! X

  31. Mark K.

    Holy shit, great time. Well done!

  32. Kirsty Reade

    That's a fantastic run. Well deserved. Congratulations!

  33. Cat Simpson

    Thank you, everyone, really happy with that! X

  34. Cat Simpson

    Kate Carter absolutely! I think it's a New York marathon qualifier too 😋

  35. Emily Quilter

    Bhaaaa fantastic and you'll be up there with the pros

  36. Cat Simpson

    edwina sutton it is the best! I didn't check the distance for the last 5k then turned the corner and the finish came as a complete surprise and i completely choked up! X

  37. Matibini Matibini

    Well executed, nice even pace all the way through, congrats on the PB as well. Next up sub 3???

  38. Cat Simpson

    Thank you! I must admit, I went out a bit hard (had a 3:15 goal in mind), but felt good and managed to hold the pace rather than fading in the last half. Sub-3 feels a bit more real now, it'll mean some serious work on my top speed though, which'll be horrific!

  39. Kate Carter

    Actually Cat I don't think it does at all. Following your training I'd say what it would take is more speed endurance stuff, tailored to marathon running - longer tempo runs, and less 400m sessions and more mile reps/ long sessions switching between paces etc etc.

  40. Cat Simpson

    Oh that's interesting, I guess I always look to runners like you with 17/18-something 5k PBs, but a big part of it is speed endurance. I must admit the last half of that felt fine, which is def the endurance kicking in

  41. Kate Carter

    My 5k PB has always been set 1 week before a marathon! I've never done anything specific on it, it's just that you are obviously very fit at that point and taper is starting to make those legs feel good :)

  42. Mike Wells

    Awesome run Cat!! Huge congrats! Sub 3 is definitely on after that.

  43. Kate Allen 💃

    Great running Cat 👏👏👏

  44. Alex C.

    I agree with both PoV, Cat. The difference between almost sub 3 and sub 3 where you've nailed the consistency in the splits is threshold speed. This is increased by speed and strength workouts IMHO. Track (speed) and tempo (strength/speed endurance), once a week each. Track from pyramids up to 2x3mi. Tempos from 6-10mi.

  45. Andy Stringer

    That final 5k though

  46. Hangingwithmr Coops

    Wowsers!! Absolutely epic time Cat, congrats!! 🙌