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5 km PR (3'42"/km) - DSE Great Highway 5 km #HRV4Training

Run April 9, 2017
  • 4.9km
  • 18:20
    Moving Time
  • 3:42/km
    Avg Pace
  • 415
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  1. Patrick Kington


  2. Matthias Steinbeck


  3. Bill Z.

    Damn Marco. Super job! You keep smashing your old PRs. I always thought you and I were similar skill levels and running beliefs, but this blows away my 5K pr! You sure know how to show up on race day bro

  4. Marco Altini

    Haha thanks Bill!

  5. Steve Wilson

    Sweet! Nice going!

  6. Ben Scott

    Congrats, now onto the 4:00 pace half :)

  7. Marco Altini


  8. Daron Devenish ©

    Wow hell of a pace there

  9. Pierpaolo De Blasi

    Well done!

  10. Bouke J.

    Yes! Nice one! I'm still building up to that kinda pace :-)

  11. Francalberto B.

    Fantastico! Che balzo in avanti pazzesco!!

  12. Marco Altini

    Thanks guys! it's all because of peer pressure! 😂

  13. Marco Ciampi

    Se ti depili con l'effetto placebo giri minimo -5"/km. Garantito!!

  14. Nigel Roff

    Glad to see you used the fast start 5k technique but unlike me you didn't fade much !

  15. Marco Altini

    Haha Nigel I was seriously in trouble at the 3 km mark, don't know how I powered through but I hated every meter till the finish line! 5 km is painful

  16. Nigel Roff

    Hah. Yeh, it's sounds good doesn't it "just a 5k" but I find they hurt from about the 500m mark onwards

  17. Mila Kaller

    Well done! Crazy fast!

  18. Howard Luks

    Crazy CRAZY fast 👍💨💨💨