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9h Mt Hehuan from Taichung to Puli up to Wuling 3,275 metres above sea level, the highest road pass in Taiwan (the KOM mountain) [read full in description]

  • 213.3km
  • 4,636m
  • 9:00:48
    Moving Time
  • 6,652


  1. Gabe Z.
    Gabe Z.

    So much envy. I really want to climb that mountain..hope to have the chance for that and Mt Fuji in Japan. Enjoy it fully, you are blessed 👍

  2. Timothy S.
    Timothy Schilliger

    Awesome ride !

  3. Joel B.
    Joel B.

    Don't even know what to say man :-) I am just smiling and chuckling… You rock dude, it is so fun to follow you on Strava, thanks for uploading so many photos and for writing such detailed descriptions. Take it easy man, enjoy that memory!

  4. Alexander K.
  5. Joel B.
    Joel B.

    Just finished reading that description, man.... man oh man. Tarmo, what a day. Thanks again for describing everything, sounds like quite a day on the bike.

  6. Ernest E.

    Fantastic view

  7. Jeremy B.
    Jeremy Barbe

    Hey I bumped into you in the mountains on the west coast somewhere. I was doing some bikepacking. I ended up riding up Wuling too, the day before you but from Hualien. It's such an amazing ride and can definitely relate to a lot of your story. Good work man! I'm going to have to come back and do it from Taichung, I really recommend giving it a try from Hualien another time. Nice photos too.

  8. Tarmo V.
    Tarmo Vannas Ⓥ เจ 素

    Jeremy Barbe thanks man! Yeah I thought I might find you on Strava but you found me, cool! Taiwan is awesome for cycling. I'll be back again in October I hope. Will do the KOM, if all goes well. See you around!

  9. Ernest E.

    Wow. True Monster ride well done!!

  10. Ernest E.

    Where is the best place to live in Taiwan to do the best rides loops n routes. Like a Chiangmai type location.

  11. Tarmo V.
    Tarmo Vannas Ⓥ เจ 素

    ERNEST EU anywhere

  12. Ernest E.

    Ok great! Thanks Tarmo😁

  13. Tarmo V.
    Tarmo Vannas Ⓥ เจ 素

    ERNEST EU Taichung is great, but so is Taipei. I hear Kaoshiung is good too, Tainan, Taitung, Hualien, etc. There's so many mountains in Taiwan everywhere.