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83° and snow on the ground. Corgi pup ran and jumped into my arms!

  • 8.0mi
  • 1:00:18
    Moving Time
  • 7:30/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 1,057


  1. Josh Johnson

    That's some serious ups!

  2. Josh Fields

    I was crouching over to get ready to pet him and up he came! Good thing the friendly Great Dane a minute later didn't do the same...

  3. Brandon Newbould

    Josh my running partner for years was a Corgi. Question for you, thinking about wapack/pack monadnock this Sat, any info on trail conditions?

  4. Josh Fields

    Really? Their legs are so short! As for trail conditions, I'm not sure. Still a lot of snow in Putney, and where there isn't, there's lots of water and mud. Further south might be okay though I'm not sure. Been awhile since I've been on a trail without snowshoes!

  5. Jeremy Merritt

    I'm planning to hit Wapack on Monday. Brandon, please post some comments about the conditions if you end up there on Saturday. Thanks!

  6. Brandon Newbould

    Sure thing Jeremy Merritt - you training for the Wapack Out & Back coming up?

  7. Jeremy Merritt

    Yes, and looking for some drier trails!

  8. Josh Fields

    I want dry trails too! Roads are killing my vibe.

  9. Brandon Newbould

    Man, jealous - I'm stuck on the waiting list! I'm anticipating slop on Saturday, probably going out and back to the south from Temple

  10. Jeremy Merritt

    Brandon Newbould just got off the waiting list yesterday! We're planning on hitting up Windblown and running the fall course out and back.

  11. Brandon Newbould

    Well that's encouraging - I don't know how far down the list I am but it would be great to race. I think the Windblown area is probably the sloppiest section of trail! But if you get through that you'll probably find some firm trail up on the ridge. We'll see how far south I get, I'll send that report along afterward.

  12. Brandon Newbould

    Jeremy, just a couple of the most stubborn patches of snow left on the north sides of the peaks for the trail north of Temple. Trail conditions overall are excellent

  13. Jeremy Merritt

    Great! Thanks for the update. Gonna hit North Pack tomorrow, the start of the point to point race.