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2013 Camelbak Highland Fling (blew fork in first 10km, rode basically rigid the rest of the way apparently 47th in revised Male Veterans)

  • 109.9km
  • 1,977m
  • 5:41:41
    Moving Time
  • 4,807
  • 227
    Suffer Score


  1. Kicky .

    What did u think ?

  2. Jason Brown

    Loved it.

    Apart from the fact I was basically riding rigid from about the 'Boags Draft' segment onwards, it was a bloody good day out. I ache a bit now

  3. Kicky .

    that would have made you faster - no ? some of that Wingello state forest is brilliant isnt it. Are you happy or issed you hit the hills so hard this week?

  4. Jason Brown

    I think the prep was OK. Having no fork made the downhills and the corners fairly hairy and (of course) slow. Uphills were where I was making time back...

  5. Kicky .

    have you had to worry about water bars before ?

  6. Jason Brown

    Not quite that much ;-)

    Oh and the the corrugations, paddocks and rocky sections. My shoulders are really hurting quite a lot

  7. Andy J.

    Gotta love those corrugations

  8. Kicky .

    I think the corrugations take a back seat in pain to the head wind !

  9. Mark B.

    Great effort with a mechanical. Hard going on the body when the forks are not working. Also with a duel suspension bike this make things very interesting. How does your upper body feel after having to compensate for the lack of suspension on the front end?

  10. Jason Brown

    Upper body is fairly trashed. back and shoulders copped it. triceps a bit too. I had to lock out the rear too, 'cause if I didn't, it wallowed like some kind of demented walrus