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First ride on Kauai

  • 18.7mi
  • 770ft
  • 1:23:30
    Moving Time
  • 499


  1. Jörn F.

    This is really a cool place to train.

  2. Andre Bellaguarda

    Beautiful place to ride......

  3. Gregory J C.

    Oh how lucky!!!

  4. Thomas A.

    Ooooooo nice!

  5. Sam Wilson

    You gotta backpack into Kalalau! It's an awesome adventure :)

  6. Lisa Hunt

    Oh man I'm jealous!!!

  7. lea davison

    Hey Sam, Kalalau has been on my list forever. We always get here during the rainy season so it's gotta be dry enough. Fingers crossed I have an opportunity this year.

  8. lea davison

    It is so incredibly beautiful here. I'm very lucky.

  9. Gregory J C.

    If you go to Maui, ride Haleakala. Ten thousand feet and like a lunar landscape.