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SJBC Henry Coe

  • 25.0mi
  • 3,574ft
  • 1:51:34
    Moving Time
  • 1,223


  1. James P.

    How did it go? I saw you running back and forth up the hill with results yesterday so I guess you got some warmup.

  2. Andy Crews

    Pretty good. My first time up Henry Coe. I was in the Cat 2's, and I did win that group, but it would have been exciting to start with the Cat 1's.

  3. James P.

    Congratulations! It was definitely exciting starting with group 1 on patterson. Adrenaline is definitely higher.

  4. Jim P.

    I wish you were in Cat 1 too :). That was a very early attack. Good job.

  5. Marty Hyland

    How'd you like that steep final climb?

  6. Andy Crews

    I got a little lost on my mental map of where I was. The steep section after the last downhill wasn't nearly as bad as I thought. It was really steep, yes, but so short.