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Robert Rhodes

Redwood City, CA
  • 42
    Activities in 2019
  • 410.2
    miles Run in 2019
  • 382

Ole' Buckeye - Wunderlich

Run April 18, 2017
  • 10.6mi
  • 1,927ft
  • 1:44:14
    Moving Time
  • 9:45/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 1,754
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  1. Steve Nash
    Steve Nash

    Any signs of work on the slide? I snuck through a few weeks ago, and it looked like it was going to be a long time before that trail was open again.

  2. Robert Rhodes
    Robert Rhodes

    No signs, Steve Nash . We'll be waiting this one out for a while!

  3. Larry Neumann
    Larry Neumann

    Where is the problem? Which trail?

  4. Robert Rhodes
    Robert Rhodes

    Hey, Larry Neumann. They closed off the section of Alambique between the Bear Gulch Trail head and the cross roads. There is a big slide that took out a large section of trail. One wrong step and down you go!

  5. Steve Nash
    Steve Nash

    Here's the official page for the closure, with a map: http://parks.smcgov.org/press-release/closure-alambique-trail

  6. Lucas J. Shuman
    Lucas J. Shuman

    I saw it a couple of weeks ago - totally destroyed. I have no idea how something like that will be repaired. It connects the lower half of the park with the upper so it's a major outage.


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