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5 by 1 mile repeats on the CU XC course 11/12/2013 Boulder, CO

  • 7.6mi
  • 51:28
    Moving Time
  • 6:44/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 1,062


  1. Alex Bridgeforth 🇺🇸

    Had a blast running with you this weekend. Loved the strava chat. Pretty sure you crushed me on all the segments.

  2. Brian F.

    I find your intervals intriguing. In interviews, most ultra-runners seem to imply their workout is to just go and run really far, a lot. Few have your structured background. You’re kind of a new breed of ultra-runner. It’ll be interesting to see if folks like you become more common - former elite distance road turned ultra-trail. I have a feeling that years from now what you’re doing will be considered an interesting historical foot note (and I get to watch it real time via strava and your blog). I have a feeling there are a lot young pups full of piss and vinegar that are placing top 10 at major marathons right now, watching you and contemplating a similar move – especially with some of the purses attached to some ultras.

    Comments aside, are these similar intervals compared to what you did when running for the Hansons? I am planning on reading your book over Christmas. Or are you brewing up your own concoction of intervals for the different types of races you do? Or is this just classic VO2 max increasing workouts, cuz we all want more of that? Do tell, I’m intrigued.

    Keep it up. I hope your back to the basics approach will pay dividends in 2014.

  3. Sage Canaday

    hey thanks for your comment! I agree, the sport of ultra running is changing. That's what my film project "MUT Runner" will be about.. "a new breed of Mountain-Ultra-Trail runners has emerged"

    This are pretty traditional Vo2max mile repeat intervals on a trail (cross country course). It's a workout I've done in hs, college and at Hansons. My other favorite is 2 mile repeats on the road/track. Thanks for the support!