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"If you can get faster than me, you have your spot back on the team." P. Mooney, 5:23pm , Friday, April 14th, 2016

  • 29.3mi
  • 3,527ft
  • 1:56:20
    Moving Time
  • 1,463


  1. Jason G.

    Challenge accepted??

  2. Chuck Hutcheson

    Accepted 12 pounds ago buddy!

  3. Justin M.

    Are you aging up and going for masters natz this year?

  4. Chuck Hutcheson

    No. I'm not even sure what the ages are at masters nationals.

  5. Hombre Lobo B.

    Done, Done and Done... Get em CH!🤙🏾💯💪🏽

  6. Justin M.

    Good comeback. Same ol' Chuck, glad nothing has changed.

  7. Sean Smith

    When's your first 45 + race? I'll need to taper or something.

  8. Chuck Hutcheson

    Ugh. 45 sounds weird.

  9. Sean Smith

    Took me a year to wrap my head around it. I'm 46 Monday. Except it, we are officially geezers.

  10. Slim F.

    Mooney has a team?