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Canyons Galore with the guys! Great ride but very hot towards the end: Santiago both ways, Silverado, Live Oak, & Newport

  • 70.2mi
  • 4,760ft
  • 5:27:37
    Moving Time
  • 2,090


  1. Ann K.
    Ann K.

    I bet it did get hot, it was warm at 10 when I walked the dogs this morning.

  2. Rhonda Earick

    We started at 6AM, thought we'd be done by noon but hit Newport climb at noon😬sizzling hot, I could feel the heat on my head!

  3. Ann K.
    Ann K.


  4. Khanh .......

    You are like the energizer bunny. Kept going and going. Glad you were on the ride.

  5. Rhonda Earick

    LOL, Khanh! If I set my intentions at the beginning of the ride, I can keep going and going. You seem to do the same as well, I look forward to doing a ride with you again!

  6. Dee Anne D.
    Dee Anne D.

    Much more ambitious than I was today. You did good!

  7. Rhonda Earick

    Thanks Dee, the guys were so nice and fun to ride with!

  8. Julie M.
    Julie M.

    Holy Moly!! Awesome!