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Volcan Mountains Bliss

  • 67.8mi
  • 7,252ft
  • 5:11:56
    Moving Time
  • 3,726


  1. Drew P.
    Drew Peterson

    Awesome ride Jeff in many ways!

  2. Jeff B.
    Jeff B.

    Thanks Drew! 40F at top and WINDY! Rode w/ Roman!

  3. Juan A.
    Juan Araya -Celo Pacific

    What is this ??? Looks like a fun one

  4. Drew P.
    Drew Peterson

    I was just going to ask you about the conditions up there. Nice pictures too : )

  5. Jeff B.
    Jeff B.

    Definitely was full-finger glove conditions on Volcan descent. Low visibility and numb hands. :)

  6. Roman D.
    Roman D.

    Finger tips are still feeling a little numb as I type this--a fleeting sensation that is nothing compared to the lasting memories of the beauty of this ride. Such a grey, moist day made the colors so vivid and textures so accentuated. And those deer! What a moment that was! Thanks for a great one, Jeff.

  7. Jeff B.
    Jeff B.

    Beautifully put, Roman. Thank you for creating a fantastic route. Looking forward to more saddle time this winter w/ you.

  8. C.J.  .
    C.J. (@cjcovy)

    Epicness. One of these days I'd be honored to ride with you. I'll definitely hit you up next time I'm down south.

  9. Mark C.
    Mark C.

    This looks like an amazing route...downloading gpx now :-). Is there a water stop between Ramona and Santa Ysabel?

  10. Roman D.
    Roman D.

    Mark, there is a large garage of some sort at 11.34 miles into this ride on the right side of the road. I used a hose there last summer.

  11. Mark C.
    Mark C.

    Great, thanks.

  12. Jeff B.
    Jeff B.

    Indeed. Plenty of potable water at the large garage on right as described by Roman.

  13. Chris H.
    Chris H.

    I want to go to there.

  14. Todd G.
    Todd Gunther

    Looks like a classic BikeCrave route! Definitely gonna have to ride it!

  15. Drew P.
    Drew Peterson

    Mark don't forget Don's Market. A strategically located stop at the 78/79 T. Serving the hill country since 1991.