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Mag 7 followed by a big fucking boondoggle

  • 44.5mi
  • 4,839ft
  • 5:53:36
    Moving Time
  • 3,230


  1. Doug Jansen

    The upper Mag 7 singletrack is superb, but taking the jeep route all the way back down to pavement sucked ass big time. Should have just parked on 191 and done a big loop all on singletrack similar to what DaveP and I did four years ago.

  2. Andy Gould

    mag 7 seven trails are super fun! You are hitting all the good stuff!

  3. Brandon Ingersoll

    I did that jeep road to...and it did suck ass. But that twisty stuff on those ledges with desert foliage and views over the valley was to die for...

  4. Dana Ernst

    How is the weather? Hot?

  5. Doug Jansen

    Got into the 80's today. Even felt a tad humid. Hazy. Looks like a big cool down coming up next week.

  6. Paul Spencer

    If you're on Golden Spike, you're lost. Next time take Portal Trail.