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11/16/2013 Compression will be my friend for the rest of the weekend

  • 18.0mi
  • 2:42:24
    Moving Time
  • 9:01/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 2,420


  1. Allison A.
    Allison Alterman

    Man Kailin! What you training for??

  2. Kailin J.
    Kailin Jones

    This is because Mom and Dad are training for the marathon. If they can do it I can too. Right?!? It might be easier, tho, if I were able to do all the mid-week runs and if I had a running buddy. 18 solo is quite the challenge!

  3. Allison A.
    Allison Alterman

    Haha oh man! Well good on you, the mental training will pay off come road season for sure!

  4. Kailin J.
    Kailin Jones

    I'm going the aerobic capacity will transfer as well :)

  5. Allison A.
    Allison Alterman

    No doubt! At least that's what I told myself when all I did was swim this summer ;)

  6. Kailin J.
    Kailin Jones

    *hoping, not going. How did it work out for you?

  7. Allison A.
    Allison Alterman

    ...Well I'm back in shape now, haha

  8. Kailin J.
    Kailin Jones

    Ummm that's not very encouraging ;)

  9. Amanda R.
    Amanda R.

    Wow. Impressive. Especially since this seems like it was for the "fun" of it.

  10. Kailin J.
    Kailin Jones

    Yes, for pleasure. If I didn't have friends who were the same way, I'd think I was not normal ;-)