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Morning Run

  • 30.9mi
  • 4:04:37
    Moving Time
  • 7:56/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 4,947


  1. Cole C.

    You're a beast!

  2. Joseph Taylor

    Good to see you on the course.

  3. Vince Johnson

    Awesome! Nice pace

  4. Vince Johnson

    Who is in the background of yor

  5. Vince Johnson

    Your photo? Was he a SC wrestler?

  6. Steven Evers

    Vince Johnson it's Cole Campbell and yes he was a wrestler at SC!

  7. Daniel Zvirzdin

    Outta nowhere. Nice.

  8. Vince Johnson

    Thanks, I thought so. I ref.

  9. Dane Rauschenberg

    That is an unbelievable negative split! Were you taking pictures or juggling in the first half?! :)

  10. Steven Evers

    Dane Rauschenberg haha I was saving myself for the last 20(?) 😅 the first 7 or so were my warm up

  11. Dane Rauschenberg

    Well, thank you for waiting that extra 90 seconds or so.