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#20 Do you believe in the Westworld... Hampshire and back

  • 100.4mi
  • 4,698ft
  • 5:35:57
    Moving Time
  • 3,432


  1. Bru C.

    ToH, nice tune, nice ride!

  2. Dave Chalk

    Thanks Bru, ToH kept me going :)

  3. Michael T.

    Well Done on yet another 100 Dave 😀

  4. Dave Chalk

    Thanks Michael, a real struggle today... not at my best but I'm up to 20 now.

  5. yellow jack

    No better day than today to get a century cracked, eh! :¬{D

  6. yellow jack

    ..I only wish that I could manage one at somewhere near your pace!

  7. Dave Chalk

    Thanks Jack, it was a nice day once it warmed up. Do some interval work Jack or even some long distance TTs to help with your speed.

  8. Malcolm F.

    Well done Centurion.

  9. Dave Chalk

    Thanks Malc