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Yorkshire stage 2

  • 119.8km
  • 1,449m
  • 2:50:36
    Moving Time


  1. Patrick V.
    Patrick V.

    Hoe gaat het met je na die valpartij?

  2. Marcel Van Der Meer

    Ik hoop dat je weer een beetje bent hersteld van de val. Veel succes!

  3. Darren J.
    Darren J.

    you guys pulled well today nice to see the Bianchi Oltre XR4 on the front for most of the stage

  4. Samini van der Vegt

    High speed

  5. Graham Robson Snr

    Nice to see you out well done

  6. James W.
    James W.

    Good work pulling the bunch along!

  7. Edwin O'Sullivan

    Happy to see you were ok after yesterday's pile-up. The very best of luck in the Giro. My money is on you!

  8. Ron H.
    Ron H.

    Suc6 in de giro

  9. Edwin Dingjan

    Take revanche on last year Giro, you are the man !!!

  10. ronald jansen

    komt goed in Italië!

  11. Patricia D.
    Patricia D.

    Gaaf zeg.

  12. Carlo F.
    Carlo F.

    Even if I am a fan of Nibali, I wish you every best for the next Giro. It will be a big challenge against Quintana but you can do it!

  13. Paul R.
    Paul R.

    Sad to see you not start TdY today and get chance to cheer you on roadside but understand and wish you the very best for the Giro! Be great to see you win after last year.

  14. Gilbert Hoogeveen

    Succes met de Giro. Podiumplekkie?