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Madeira - Day 3

  • 73.9km
  • 2,729m
  • 3:44:28
    Moving Time
  • 2,514
  • 145
    Suffer Score


  1. Jorge M.
    Jorge M.

    You complain about the hills, but keep going all the way up to Pico do Areeiro... Just can't resist the urge isn't it...

  2. Matt P.
    Matt P.

    Pico de Areeiro is amazing, can't resist! I did try and find the road to Curral des Freiras.. but got lost in Funchal outer town.

  3. Jorge M.
    Jorge M.

    Not easy getting to Curral das Freiras, only 1 road... But I have seen that you did manage to look at it from above. Seems you had a good week by your blog...

  4. Philippe S.
    Philippe S.

    Hi Mat.... I am plotting a cycling week of road cycling in madeira... looked at your rides on strava... was it MTBing or road cycling? what would your say about ridding a road bike there?

  5. Matt P.
    Matt P.

    Road cycling. It is incredible, barely anyone riding. The roads can be rough in places, but mostly OK. Weather is good, but not as hot as the Canaries. Expect to do LOADS of climbing. Avoid the main roads, they all have tunnels and the drivers are crazy. On back roads its not an issue.

    I really enjoyed it and would recommend it so long as you like climbing.