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Crush the Commonwealth 2017 [43:57]

  • 384.8mi
  • 14,892ft
  • 28:50:59
    Moving Time
  • 9,664
  • 403
    Relative Effort


  1. Dave Norton

    Love the photos ! What a long strange trip THAT was!

  2. Charlie!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!

    The most incredible ride on a bike i've seen on Strava or on the streets. Awesome job, CJ. Inspiring!

  3. Brent Zahradnik

    100km climb!

  4. Simon S.

    Sheetz better than WaWa?

  5. Art Berger

    Well done CJ!!

  6. Eric Q.

    What a great ride! The abandoned section of the turnpike looks a bit ominous.

  7. Mike Kress

    Awesome. I love how Strava reported you completed you goal of "75 miles for the week".

  8. George Retseck

    Fantastic ride CJ, I've got to hear the story of this one!

  9. Tyler Quinn

    Nice work!

  10. CJ Arayata

    Thanks so much for the kind words everyone!! Sassquatch Sighting :) hopefully inspiring you to join me soon! simon shin I think the answer is "Rutters rules all".

  11. CJ Arayata

    George Retseck give the 400k a shot and I'll tell you alllll about it ;)

  12. Charlie!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!

    My bicycle complete with dyno-hub is coming soon!

  13. George Retseck

    You've inspired me CJ, 400 or bust.

  14. Keith Spangler

    Nice images!

  15. Eric Greenberg

    congrats bud!