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Trans Kernow 17

Ride April 28, 2017
  • 231.5mi
  • 23,501ft
  • 20:21:58
    Moving Time
  • 8,120
  • 181
    Relative Effort
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  1. Daniel Shillcock

    Epic ride!

  2. Jo R.

    Well done !

  3. Nikki Toomer

    Awesome. Was this an Audax? C

  4. James Chaffer

    Seriously impressive

  5. Hattie P.

    Amazing!! Well done. That's a lot of climbing.

  6. Kev Burton 🍔

    Bloody brilliant!!

  7. Caroline H.

    Wow that is completely amazing 😲

  8. Ben W.


  9. Adam Caton

    Wowowow can you not give double kudos out?

  10. Ivor P.

    Stratosphere climbing epic

  11. Justin D (Gorilla Firm)

    wow, thats some ride

  12. Jon S.

    Oops sorry didn't mean to click kudos

  13. Matt P.

    Amazing well done 👍🏻🚴🏻

  14. Jim Billingham

    Great work Katherine!!!

  15. The C.


  16. Emily Walton

    Ahhhhh this looks incredible! Well done you absolute legend! #swisbest

  17. Roger E.

    Nicely done Katherine - in one smash as well. I bet you slept well last night? 12 hours straight for me 😴😴😴

  18. Mick Cable

    You've been spending too much time with Mad Jack! Chapeau X

  19. Claire C.

    Smashed It!!!!!!!!!!

  20. John H.

    Wow ... that's some inspirational riding !!!!

  21. Sean K.

    That is amazing! I cycled from Exeter to Bude and then hills killed me! Well done! Katherine Moore

  22. Janine D.

    Amazing Chica! X

  23. Roger Baker

    Looks good on the map too!

  24. Heidi B.

    Well Done Katherine Moore. What an amazing achievement!

  25. Chris J.

    Wow 7000m+ of climbing! My route was 'only' 5389m and quite hilly enough thanks... Kudos!

  26. Tom W.

    epic kath, well done :) and here i thought i did a big ride!

  27. Tom Probert

    Amazing work...especially as you somehow managed to do 7,500ft more climbing than Jon?!!

  28. Lord Timothy Of M.

    Great write up, have you thought about sending it off to a publisher? Cyclist or similar..

  29. Katherine Moore

    Thanks Tim, it's going out in a few publications soon...