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It's all fun and intervals until the big wipeout!

  • 39.8mi
  • 1,903ft
  • 2:25:08
    Moving Time
  • 1,285
  • 46
    Relative Effort


  1. Saurabh Bhasin

    Is the Bike ok?!?! And you? :)

  2. Aleks Todorova

    The bike is almost OK, some dings on the aerobars and front wheel will need to be fixed; I'm fine other than bump on head and swollen knee. Ugh. Hopefully can run on it at Santa Rosa.... two weeks.

  3. Saurabh Bhasin

    Yikes. That doesn't sound too good. Hope it heals quick.

  4. Tiffany T.

    do you need anything? Also may take kids down to avac later if interested and want to have a beer after all that.

  5. Aleks Todorova


  6. Aleks Todorova

    T, we'll be at Avac from 2 pm onward! I don't know about beers this afternoon, I'm kind of watching myself for signs of a concussion right now, alcohol probably not a good idea? :-P

  7. Patti Gurza Dully

    Signs of concussion possibly, Aleks… Seriously? Dang girl! I don't see details on how the wipe out occurred, will you be disclosing? I'm thinking we shouldn't see pictures…

  8. Aleks Todorova

    All good, Patti :-) It was a CRAZY fall (I landed, after rolling and banging my head around, in the opposite traffic lane). VERY lucky that there were no cars at this moment, in either direction. I have a bump on my head but don't think a concussion, as I feel no loopier than normal :) My knee is swollen and painful, it was weirdly twisted when I landed, so I'll have to get it checked out. MRTT mamas already gave many knee doc referrals :) I feel lucky to be alive!

  9. Lily Baker

    I wish I hadn't read this before bed.

    Now I'm worried.

  10. Patti Gurza Dully

    OMG, freakin scary Aleks! Hugs my sweet!

  11. Aleks Todorova

    Lily Baker why? I'm fine, bike is fine, the good people at the Apple Store fixed my screen - in exchange for my firstborn, but what else is new, I have now spent almost as much money on screen repair as on the phone itself. All is good! Sleep tight!