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Race Across Italy - my first supported ultra race - first loser @29.09hrs - can't bend my knees now! It all went bad when I deviated from the plan and started pushing 300W+ repeatedly for 12 hrs, stoopid!

  • 480.4mi
  • 39,030ft
  • 28:20:59
    Moving Time
  • 20,793


  1. Spesh R.
    Spesh R.


  2. Adrian H.
    Adrian H.

    Awesome mate, that was truly amazing!

  3. Michl K.
    Michl K

    Great ride Ian - congratulations!

  4. Ian To V.
    Ian To V.

    Thanks spesh ryder , Adrian Hannay, Michl Kly proud of, and appreciative to, my team: G Mearnsy, Rich Griffiths and Chris Chadwick!

  5. Adrian H.
    Adrian H.

    lots to be proud of Ian... perfect team!

  6. Bill W.
    Bill Winward

    Just amazing, Ian, proud of you!

  7. Matija K.
    Matija K.


  8. Darko K.
    darko kos

    Respect Ian To😀😀

  9. Liam C.
    Liam Callaway

    Utter respect buddy, top man 👍!!!

  10. Filip V.
    Filip V.

    Just wow! Probably my favorite person to follow on strava; great effort!

  11. Dan H.
    Dan H.

    Kudos, Kudos, Kudos, well done dude!!! Awesome

  12. Twisting M.
    twisting mymelonman

    Amazing work

  13. Peter L.
    Peter Lundgren

    Impressive ride!

  14. Tom F.
    Tom F.

    Still an absolutely awesome ride man, you should be pleased :)

  15. Diddy D.
    Diddy D.

    Impressive stuff Ian

  16. Jeremy R.
    Jeremy R.

    If I could do triple kudos with cherries on top, I would. Epic ride, well done. 👑💪🍒

  17. Jonathan M.
    Jonathan M.

    Incredible. Just incredible. Enjoyed watching your race unfold. Well done Ian...and well done to the race team. R n r, now.

  18. Darko F.
    Darko Fojs

    Well done Ian, congratulations.

  19. Chris C.
    Chris C.

    Absolutely awesome riding

  20. Teo M.
    Teo M.

    Impressive ride...respect...👏🤘💪

  21. Stan M.
    Stan M

    Still can't believe it, congrats Ian !

  22. Ares B.
    Ares Bursic

    Great job! Congratulations!

  23. Bradley S.
    Bradley Selmes

    Amazing Ian! On to the next one you go 🙌🏻👏🏻💪🏻

  24. Francis Joe D.
    Francis Joe D.

    Hi Ian good race. I'm Giuseppe, we are meet in Silvi!

  25. Matt W.
    Matt White

    Wow, your my hero!!

  26. Ian To V.
    Ian To V.

    Thanks for your kind words Bill Winward Matija Kovačević darko kos Liam Callaway Filip Vrhovec Dan Hardy twisting mymelonman Peter Lundgren Tom Fricker Diddy D Jeremy Redford jonathan miller Darko Fojs Chris Capell Teo Majk Stan M Ares Bursic Bradley Selmes Francis Joe DJ Matt White - recovering and retraining for the next race: Hard Cro, the four corners of Croatia, on June 19th! #hardcro