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Trans Iowa V13

  • 332.3mi
  • 15,387ft
  • 27:48:01
    Moving Time
  • 10,578
  • 644
    Relative Effort


  1. Eric Graf


  2. Jake Pratt


  3. Kristopher C.

    Great job Matt! What a chapter in your life! Congrats

  4. Dan Korienek

    WOW! I had read your posts about doingTrans Iowa but didn't really know what it was. I figured some long gravel race, but this is more than i anticipated. Super job.

  5. Matt Graves

    Awesome job, extremely proud of you!

  6. Eric L.

    Congratulations Matt!

  7. Mike Bernhard

    10,587 calories equals about 70 beers... No time for a nap. Cheers!

  8. Jay Morrison

    Frig yeah. Amazing job Matt!

  9. Leonard Van Drunen

    Nice Iowa work day !!

  10. John Shoemaker

    Way to do some epic shit!!!

  11. Chris Davison

    Simply amazing. I am in total awe of this.

  12. Roy Kranz

    Total badass!

  13. Jim Braam

    Holy Moly!

  14. Bearded S.

    Un-frickin-real! Well done! Is this a mileage record?

  15. Steve Bartzen

    Nice ride!

  16. Jeff Johnson

    Congrats man, nice ride

  17. Chelsea S.

    Holy shit. Frigg yeah!

  18. Aaron Griffith

    Sure better than no loss of suction testing! Congrats

  19. Tyler Keuning

    Way to stick at it....#ultimatebanana

  20. Drake Veitenheimer

    ^ all the above

  21. Walter Zitz

    Awesome job and great riding with you Matt! Thanks for the socks and calling out the turns all night!

  22. matt acker

    Hey Walter, truly a pleasure riding with you, wouldn't have pushed through without you man!

  23. Eric Sooy

    I read about it yesterday. Amazing crazyballs. How u get a computer to record that long a ride?

  24. Jackson H.

    Amazing riding Matt! Great to meet you and a pleasure to share the roads. Can't say how much that slice of pizza, your wheel in the wind and the great company meant to me. Cheers!

  25. Colin Plank

    great job "rookie"!

  26. Colin Plank

    Though I can't be sure they weren't saying wookie actually... Now that I think about it.

  27. Beth Collins

    So cool -

  28. Michael Maher

    Great job! Can't even comprehend riding for that long. You sir are a BEAST!

  29. J Cook

    28 hour day! Crikey!

  30. Lonie Sauber

    Go Big!

  31. Allen Wheeler

    You are my hero