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Jamie Junker

Canmore, Alberta, Canada
  • 388

St Nicholas Peak

Backcountry Ski April 30, 2017
  • 21.6km
  • 1,252m
  • 5:14:16
    Moving Time
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  1. Bert B
    Bert B

    Nice to see you out there.

  2. Oleg T.
    Oleg T.

    Jamie, how technical is the ridge? Nice adventure.

  3. Julie M.
    Julie M.

    St Nicholas is such a rad little peak! Nice work, love the pics!

  4. Jamie Junker
    Jamie Junker

    Awesome to see you Bert B!! And on skis!!! How was Crowfoot?

  5. Jamie Junker
    Jamie Junker

    Thanks Oleg T.! Not technical at all, hardly even needed the ice axe, far easier than Hector. Surprising since it looks pretty hairy in pics and from a distance.

  6. Jamie Junker
    Jamie Junker

    Thanks Julie Muller!! It is so striking and was a joy to summit especially since most of the approach was whiteout and we thought we were getting skunked for sure. Never know when those clouds will part :)

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