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Simon Richardson

Bristol, England, United Kingdom
  • 84
  • 2,630.9
    kilometers Ridden
  • 20536

Morning Ride

Ride May 1, 2017
  • 61.4km
  • 936m
  • 2:11:43
    Moving Time
  • 1,792
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  1. Dodoi Alex

    Hi Simon, nice workout! Just a quick question. How accurate do you think Strava's power estimate is? Great job on GCN, I really enjoy the show! Cheers!

  2. Richard Law

    Seems with almost every one of Simon's ride someone asks this. (It's not accurate at all!).

  3. Tilen F.

    would be good ti make a video of comparison..

  4. Mark Thornton

    i'd watch that video im interested to no the differance

  5. Richard Law

    The difference is that one is measuring power and the other is entirely not and the estimate it creates is WAAY off!.

  6. Tilen F.

    Powerpod is measuring only wind and get estimates very very accurate, so...

  7. Richard Law

    Okay but isn't measuring anything that relates to power. Powerrod is measuring restistance which is exactly what power overcomes. The algorirhm could be better, but it's not.

  8. Simon Richardson

    @dodoi Alex Hi there. I've found that it can be accurate for long climbs but for everything else it can't be relied upon for training. All it's doing is looking at your speed vs gradient, so much better to gauge progress simply on times up climbs and average speed. That way you can take weather etc into account.