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LKHC #8 - Montara (STEEP!)

  • 8.4mi
  • 1,850ft
  • 1:05:12
    Moving Time
  • 1,013
  • 61
    Relative Effort


  1. Kyle Rudolph

    Nice work out there! It was brutally steep and pretty technical. Great time!

  2. Bill Laddish

    Great ride today Brandon...what a killer climb, my favorite part was the Moss Beach Distillery!

  3. Ramon P

    Top 10 on your first dirt climb? Good work! This week was a great "MAN maker" week with 2 crazy rides.

  4. Ray Smith

    Great Job today, That looked real painful!

  5. Bill Laddish

    Brandon...thanks for letting me use your Edge today!!! Super great climbing today

  6. John Kos C.

    Nice job B! Very impressive kick at 200m...

  7. Ramon P

    Brandon, I am so happy you paid Kos back with a kick at the end... just like he did to me last week!

  8. John Kos C.

    @Ramon- yep; I was thinking the same thing... lol