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2013 LKHC - Montara Mountain

  • 12.6km
  • 578m
  • 1:11:08
    Moving Time
  • 714
  • 67
    Relative Effort


  1. Bart Niechwiej

    Argh... it wasn't my day today, although the weather was more than spectacular!

    On the way up, I realized that my cassette is skipping gears. I ended up with two working gears. Then, when I hit the steepest part I lost traction and fell on the ground :( I couldn't restart as it was around 25%, so I lost about 30 seconds trying to start twice and I finally gave up and ran with the bike for a while :(

    On the way back, I thought I'd take a nice single track. What a mistake :( The single track turned out to be steep as hell and very rocky, with a single rut preventing from riding it at all. I had to walk the bike for a while until it became a reasonable grade :)

    In overall, it was a quite nice LKHC ride. Sadly, my last this year as I'm out of town on Thanksgiving!

    Thanks to all, especially to Dan for organizing another great LKHC series!

  2. Bart Niechwiej

    Looking at "Oh Shit" segment where I fell - last week, 6:23, HR 157. Today, 6:50 and HR 171. What a waste of effort :(

    I lost about ~0:45 due to my fall :( Damn!

  3. Lech K.

    looks like a nice climb, but from what you wrote I guess it's not a route for road bikes... ;)

  4. Bart Niechwiej

    Yup, it's dirt! http://lowkeyhillclimbs.com/2013/week8/ :)