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Holy guacamole, 24F temps & 50mph winds STING

  • 41.7mi
  • 2,572ft
  • 2:14:53
    Moving Time
  • 2,497


  1. B D.

    I hate wind. Give me a never ending climb and keep the wind.

  2. Jim D.

    Come back to Northern California. It's beautiful here!

  3. Sergio P.

    Welcome to the East Coast :)

  4. スーパーマリオ .

    Guacamole !!!!!!!!!

  5. Steve J.

    We rode Aggie MTB today.

  6. Rob Larsen

    Damn, I ran, 40 miles south of this and thought better of it about 5 times in an hour. on a bike must have been it musta been murda.

  7. Geoff L.

    Yep....you can tell your season is about to start......24 degrees 50 mile winds and still has an 18.6 avg. I am truly impressed and look forward to watching you in the Tour from the sidelines

  8. Glenn Stephens

    Ted - Today is one of the few days of the year when being a 200 lb "beast of a bi' rider" is an advantage :-)

  9. Brahim Satoutah

    Great job Ted, that was tough

  10. Bruce Sinclair

    Kudos for pushing on for that long in those conditions Ted! I rode for an hour in that wind today and almost got knocked off my bike. Does the wind blow this hard in Europe? Good luck next season!

  11. Ken H.

    Should've stayed in SoCal! Gorgeous day in LA today. But perhaps the East Coast will toughen you up, more.

  12. Matt H.

    even if i couldl afford the proper cold weather gear i'm not so sure i could ride long distances in that weather. commuting to the train in it is probably enough!

  13. Elle Anderson

    TK - wish you could ride with me tomorrow in Stowe. I'm considering braving similar elements....

  14. Marv Elous

    Same as our ride yesterday

  15. Ken McGuinness

    I was thinking about riding Friday? Rode in the snow squalls Sat. Staying in area visiting family. You did an outstanding job given the weather conditions.

  16. Nick Leger

    definitely was not warm yesterday. props on the cold ride

  17. Jason R.

    Makes me happy to be in south Florida!

  18. Connor Baz

    Are you training for next season yet, or is it still the off season?

  19. alessandro Baldi

    How did you stay warm?

  20. Nate Katz

    Welcome for the holiday, Ted.