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Gobble Gobble!

  • 52.8mi
  • 4,439ft
  • 4:02:20
    Moving Time
  • 2,886
  • 108
    Suffer Score


  1. Mark S.
    Mark Slavonia

    The buckle on the hat? OMG

  2. G ™.
    G ™

    That's crazy!

  3. Russell V.
    Russell Vernick

    Fantastic work. I'm still tracing my hand and adding a beak.

  4. ⚡ Fat M.
    ⚡ Fat M.


  5. Eric D.
    Eric Davis


  6. Fred M.
    Fred Moyer

    Ride us a pie next :) Better make it a few pies.

  7. Bret L.
    Bret Lobree

    I like the pie idea...next year...
    Mark, It's all about details...you should see my map mark up...
    Jason, Thanks for bailing on whatever ride you were going to do and joining in the fun...and BAM KOM!

  8. Jason T.
    Jason T.

    Yah, this was way more fun that BoFax :-)

  9. Grace J.
    Grace J.


  10. Patrick H.
    Patrick Herlihy

    This needs to become an annual turkey day ride. Coz there aren't enough of them in the Bay Area yet!

  11. Scott W.
    Scott Witthoff

    Amazing Jason! Love it!

  12. Alan A.
    Alan Antonuk

    I want to see the cue sheet for this ride.

  13. Bret L.
    Bret Lobree

    I can photo copy the paper map if you would like...

  14. John G.
    John G.

    All that and a KOM with 5 trophies too? Sick! Well done!

  15. Mike L.
    Mike L.

    Love it!