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Madeira - Day 4

  • 146.5km
  • 4,769m
  • 7:10:29
    Moving Time
  • 4,565
  • 210
    Suffer Score


  1. Will B.
    Will Beresford

    Some serious climbing on that route!

  2. Matt P.
    Matt P.

    I knew it was going to be hilly, but wasn't quite expecting that! Stopped for a bite to eat shortly into the HC climb, which is why it was so slow.

  3. Erik M.
    Erik M.

    Hi, we are thinking about going to Madeira. Are the tracks you did all with mountainbike??? Wow.... Are the tracks good to ride or really difficult? Kind regards, Erik

  4. Matt P.
    Matt P.

    Road bike.

  5. Alberto D.
    Alberto Dolfin

    Hi Matt, I'm leaving for Madeira on Saturday but I rented a mountain bike because I will use also for short movement...I'm more a road biker and I won't do tracks so what escursions you suggest the most? I'll be based in Funchal, thanks a lot! Alberto

  6. Matt P.
    Matt P.

    I'd go to the highest point and also another road climb to a viewpoint above Funchal. I forget the names though.