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Highest point yet! Almost 24000 feet. Perfect climbing conditions and had the hill all to ourselves!

  • 1.4mi
  • 25:43
    Moving Time
  • 58:11/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 283



    Absolutely amazing Please stay safe!

  2. Scott R.


  3. Donna B.

    Fabulous photos!!!

  4. Zach Vine

    Oh. My. Mountain.

  5. Brent Baker

    Looks bing our dreams through your adventure mate. Thanks for the photos and update from BRISBANE Australia 👍

  6. Manuel D.

    It seems to be windy, isn't it? Very impressive low heartrate.

  7. Mark Fh S.

    "The hill". Yer right!

  8. Zach Vine

    What kind of wireless earbuds are those in your pictures? They look like AAPL with a mod so they act fit well..

  9. Tyler Seppala

    Awesome work!

  10. Iron J.

    Are you climbing with Jeff Smith?

  11. Patrick Ford

    I am in awe not only of you but of the technology. Stay safe

  12. justin gouck

    Amazing!! get on the laptop and create a Strava section surely a KOM for this 😂😂😂😂 fingers crossed the weather stays in your favour 👍

  13. Ravi Viswanathan

    You guys are crazy dude!

  14. T k

    Thanks for the amazing photos

  15. Adina G.

    Thank you for the amazing images! It makes you want to be there... Stay safe and strong!!! 😎

  16. Sam Fuller

    @justingouck my thoughts exactly!

  17. Sam M.

    Matthew Mutton these guys climbing Everest