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tean 10 mile TT

  • 24.7mi
  • 621ft
  • 1:19:58
    Moving Time
  • 936


  1. Martin M.
    Martin M.

    what are the climbs like compaired to the k48/10?

  2. Zac C.
    Zac C.

    its not as constantly up and down as the k48/10 but the long drag on the way back is painful. overall I think theres slightly more climbing and some of the little lumps seemed steeper.

    you thinking of giving it a go? seems a good event, lots of people turn up and there was free cakes afterwards :D

  3. Martin M.
    Martin M.

    i was thinking of turning up tonight when i had an unexpected early finish from work but had my road bike ready for the chaingangs and my car was full of crap, so i scrapped it. would be nice to have a go at some point though. as you mentioned on the forums a flat course would be nice haha.

    free cake? stafford could do with introducing such a system.

    thats a good time though and i know what you mean about getting the tt bug, i was only using time trailing to get my overall speed up to kind of prepair myself for RR'ing next season but tt'ing is pretty addictive in its self!

  4. Zac C.
    Zac C.

    yeah they had a box of fairy cakes and a box of flapjacks. can't really argue with free cakes

    yeah very addictive, Its a shame the club TTs are on thursdays and sundays so they clash with races. got 3 wednesday races in a row starting next week but after that I'll start either doing the tean TT or a tuesday TT if theres one close enough. will probably post on the forum in case you or anyone else fancy doing them.

    road racing next year then? that'll be awesome