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Team OC Antonio loop: Heavy rain after last pitstop to the end. Garmin Ave mph: 13.8

  • 71.0mi
  • 4,506ft
  • 5:13:30
    Moving Time
  • 2,277


  1. Kevin J.
    Kevin J.

    Love the pic!

  2. Ann K.
    Ann K.

    What a beautiful flower, amazing ride, good job. Sorry it rained at the end, Boo!

  3. Michael Binder

    I am thinking you may have had more rain than us in Redlands and Oak Glen.

  4. Rhonda Earick

    Michael, I guess it's possible but it looks like it was a lot colder on the BA route

  5. Rhonda Earick

    Thanks Ann& Kevin! A bright spot on a dreary day

  6. Gordon Luce

    Great ride, Rhonda!

  7. Dave B.
    Dave B.

    Great ride... dreary weather here also. But the plants are loving it

  8. Rhonda Earick

    Thanks! Yes, good for the vegetation. I want to sun and temps in the 70's to come back which makes for perfect riding :)