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Another Day, Another Century

  • 171.1km
  • 2,501m
  • 7:59:24
    Moving Time
  • 5,382
  • 185
    Relative Effort


  1. Rick Hancock

    Recently I have noticed how the stated grade % on a segment can really make some of the performance numbers look silly. At the 30 mile point in your ride the segment 'Segment' lists 25% grade. It caught my eye because I was really impressed that you averaged 18.8MPH for only 118W. When you look at the profile the grade should be a negative number. Seems like the only thing it really throws off if the VAM number. Also check 'Steves oh gosh turd' segment. 269W on a -3% grade and you only averaged 4.3MPH, it should list an uphill grade in the teens. Anyway good ride overall but it needs pictures.

  2. Jeffrey Friedl

    Yes, there's a lot of junk data in Strava. Consider this segment that is totally flat in real life but Strava says "28% climb".
    It was created automatically by Strava from the linked activity: https://www.strava.com/activities/91133256/segments/1908283906

    The rider had paused for a while, likely inside a building, and when they restarted their Garmin, it auto-adjusted its idea of the elevation as the GPS signal got better. The end result is that as they pulled away from wherever they had stopped, the elevation reading rose sharply for a minute or two, and that's what Strava made a segment out of. The segment is total junk.

    It's one class of junk segment, among many classes. This explains a lot: http://regex.info/blog/2016-08-15/2722

    As for photos, they will come, but first I have to create missing/better segments for appropriate sections of road...

  3. Salvatore M.

    Thank you Jeffrey for the excellent company. See you the next century when there will be time enough for number explenations. :)

  4. Jeffrey Friedl

    Here you go, Rick: http://regex.info/blog/2017-05-11/2797

  5. Rick Hancock

    Wow, wish I could do 9.5MPH up 28%. Your pictures and ride look great again, as usual.

  6. Jeffrey Friedl

    It's all about getting light, Rick. Remove ear wax, belly-button lint, etc., and you'll fly. ;-)

  7. Rick Hancock

    Will enlightenment help?

  8. Jeffrey Friedl

    Only in the sense that you free your mind of extranious thoughts. Thoughts take energy, and if Einstein taught us anything, it's that energy has an equivalence to mass, so fewer thoughts means less mass means faster climbing means Strava glory.