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Dog attack. Narrowly avoided losing a chunk, but went down hard

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  1. Mindy Randall

    Oh wow, hope you are ok!

  2. Jon Kovar

    Holy cow! Did you get the wound cleaned out? Did the dog have its shots?

  3. Josh Fields

    Thanks guys. I somehow narrowly avoided getting bit, just bruised my hip diving into the ditch to do so. I couldn't find any wounds, but I emailed the PD to get confirmation of shots just in case. Could have easily been a season-ender; he wanted a chunk of flesh.

  4. Jon Kovar

    Lucky Josh. I had an ankle biter grab my calf a while back. That bruising lasted a few painful weeks.

  5. Josh Fields

    Yeah it could have been much worse especially considering I was on the ground at one point... face level... thankfully a car came by and stopped to shield me at that point.

  6. John Sava

    Ouchy hope u r ok

  7. john carton

    yikes! that looks like my dog!

  8. Jonathan Miller

    Sorry to hear, but glad you didn't get chomped. I've been seriously considering carrying pepper spray for such an occasion.

  9. Josh Fields

    Thanks guys. Jonathan Miller I used to carry spray when I was running back roads, but I gave it to my ex. I'll have to get some more. john carton I'm sure yours is a bit nicer (though I blame the owners more than the dog).

  10. Michael Demars

    Unfortunately it comes with the territory...along with texting drivers that randomly swerve at you. This can be a dangerous sport.

  11. Shannon S.

    Nothing infuriates me more than dog owners, esp on the trail. I always carry spray or a giant knife. I'm not opposed to butchering a dog.