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LKHC Mt. Hamilton with Dad

  • 38.2mi
  • 4,948ft
  • 2:14:44
    Moving Time
  • 1,848


  1. Paul M.

    Looked for you at before race but didn't see you. For some strange reason never saw you on the ride :-)

  2. Juan N.

    But you killed either way !!!

  3. Dave C.

    Thanks for letting me know I was going the wrong way. Happy thanksgiving. Great job today.

  4. Alexander Komlik

    My wife shared a good company with you Dad today. Too bad you made him turn back before reaching the top where I was taking pics.

  5. Paul Marshall

    Jeez!!! Look at that time!

  6. Josh Pizzica

    Juan and Paul M: thanks. I think it was the relatively steady pace that allowed me to keep with the group most of the way. David: wish I had noticed sooner. We may have had a good sprint finish. Paul Mc and Alexander: I would have stayed longer but we had to get home.