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Mount Bartle Frere QLD ⛰#1 #OneWeekOneAustralia - Attempt 2

  • 13.9km
  • 1,548m
  • 2:29:34
    Moving Time
  • 10:45/km
    Avg Pace
  • 1,718


  1. Ben M.

    Spanked that segment

  2. Robbie Hendrickx

    Well player sir 👏

  3. Courtney Atkinson

    Hey @robbiehendrickx thanks. Awesome to have your time there on strava for our project 👍 GPS does some weird things up on that mountain? I took summit on the rock with disc but I think the segment must be over by the sign? anyhow it's a beast either way! glad to get off there safe :) Any other epic runs around your way you suggest for future?

  4. Matty Abel

    Now that's a solid climb 😳

  5. Robbie Hendrickx

    Yeah usually we run just passed the sign to get the segment. That's a great time for the KOM, there be some of us locals chasing it this dry season 😜the pyramid in Gordonvale is good one, race is on in August. That's 12k but the pyramid is only 3k with 900m gain. Heaps more around. Wicked climbing mate, hats off.

  6. Courtney Atkinson

    @mattyabel... Best real running test of this week...close with Bogong 👍

  7. Matty Abel

    I'm kinda tempted to do this... this any of your other summits get close to this vert in a short distance? (7ish km)

  8. Courtney Atkinson

    @mattyabel Bogong was 1266m vert in 6.1km and good track for running to test yourself other than that...no idea. These are the highest ones so I'm assuming not to many others. Bartle is best as it's an experience as well... on edge the whole time with what's under foot and the forest dense... interesting up there on your own :)

  9. Brennan .

    Now that's some serious vert Thomas McBride

  10. Bryan O.

    Nice one Courtney Atkinson ! Lots of good mts around Cairns. Robbie Hendrickx , we'll have to head out for another attempt!

  11. Tim McGrath

    Mount Bellenden Ker the nextdoor mountain is basically the same height (30m lower). Bushwalkers tell me the track is pretty good. Will make a Strava segment this dry. Game on will have a crack at the KOM in July