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10k time trial downhill with Matt Laye

  • 6.3mi
  • 30:08
    Moving Time
  • 4:47/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 648


  1. Alex Filipkowski

    Your quads are ok with this? Mine would burst into flames!

  2. Dylan Bowman


  3. Martin GAFFURI AKA Goat

    Awesome ! I got my 1 mile / 2 miles / 5k best effort running down a ski slope... in winter ! Less painful on the quads :)

  4. Magnus Helander

    10K sub30

  5. Ian Sharman

    I will be sore tomorrow, but not too much hopefully. Fun type of speed session and feels good to go at paces I can usually only dream of :)

  6. Matthew Laye

    It was fun. Until it ended, then it was just bush whacking.

  7. Matthew Laye

    How did you run so much faster?

  8. Strava A.

    You are an animal!

  9. Ian Sharman

    Matt, your racing line must have been tighter on all those corners :) You still have 2 hours to do a faster 10k to top the table...

  10. Bjørn Brandsborg

    Impressing speed.