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Friday Joggin

  • 5.4mi
  • 42:39
    Moving Time
  • 7:50/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 712


  1. Michael Demars

    Under 8 minute pace isn't jogging. Not sure what that definition is but you were running :)

  2. Josh Fields

    My threshold is 150HR or below is a jog. Subtract the glitch at the beginning and it's there :)

  3. Michael Demars

    I'm still not clear what that really is. I'm generally between 168 and 175 running nearly any pace from an 8:30 jog to my 5K pace under 6:00. Might hit 190 going up a hill in a 5K race but that's the max.

  4. Michael Demars

    I think I'm like a diesel :)

  5. Josh Fields

    Or your watch is wrong, so weird it doesn't vary! The optical HR is sketchy for some people. Mine varies from 130 at 9:00 pace to 195 for 5k pace

  6. Michael Demars

    Might be the issue. I was just looking at a review on my MS Band 2. "it nails GPS accuracy on par with the best GPS devices I’ve tested. Yet it fumbles horribly with heart rate accuracy, even in simple steady-state runs."

  7. Josh Fields

    Yeah your GPS is remarkable for such a small band, but the optical HR tech just isn't quite as reliable for everyone yet.